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Most gold and silver processes today extract the mineral by use of either Carbon in Pulp (CIP) or Carbon in Leach (CIL) processes. Here activated carbon is used to recover gold, which has been dissolved by the addition of cyanide.

Prior to leaching, the ore is crushed and screened then passed to ball mills where water and lime is added. The solids are then settled in a pre-leach thickener by the addition of a flocculant to promote rapid settlement and good compaction. The underflow is then subjected to the leaching process via a series of leaching tanks. The tanks allow sufficient retention time for the gold and silver to be dissolved by the cyanide process.

The slurry then moves to a series of carbon adsorption tanks where the gold and silver are removed from solution. This is done by feeding carbon through the tanks, in the opposite direction to the slurry flow, with the gold/silver then adsorbing to the carbon granules.

By the time the slurry has reached the final adsorption tank most of the precious metals have been removed. The barren slurry, or tailings, is then pumped to the tailings lagoons. By the time the carbon reaches the first adsorption tank it has recovered most of the gold and silver from solution. This ¡®loaded carbon¡¯ is then pumped to the elution circuit where the gold and silver are washed off with superheated water. The washed solution is passed to the electrowinning circuit for metals recovery.

Recommended products for a sedimentation aid in the pre leach thickener:

HENGFLOC 60714, 61418, 62424, 62526 and 63226.